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About The Soul Sanctum

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Stella Brookes is a fully qualified UK based Kinesiologist and one of only seven fully qualified Soul Journey Practitioners based in the UK. Stella is in demand as a speaker and workshop facilitator. Stella works with clients on an individual basis in addition to running many successful workshops and Soul Embodiment Days. Kinesiology is a unique and truly holistic science that is on the cutting edge of energy medicine. Many believe kinesiology to be the energy medicine of the future.

Unlike other treatments it is your subconscious energy systems that set the priority and the structure of every session through a biofeedback mechanism called muscle testing. There is a very real integration between energy science, quantum medicine, traditional holistic or complementary health techniques and the clients very own personal story. 

 The results are far reaching. If your prepared to work alongside your practitioner by taking responsibility for your own health and well being they can be and very often are life changing. Even the most capable of people can benefit from the unique support the PBK system provides in terms of realizing and maintaining a feeling of ongoing stability and well being.

Kinesiology treatments are all encompassing and focus on the person as a whole. Whilst your symptoms or needs may manifest in the Physical, the Mental and Emotional, Electromagnetic or Spiritual realms of your health there is very rarely just one trigger for your symptoms . Usually symptoms appear in a number of levels of your health as the body does its best to keep you going on a day to day basis.  What ever your needs may be this system really does have the ability to truly support and assist you to feel physically, mentally and emotionally better, happier and more fulfilled on a daily basis.

The system can significantly and often permanently  reduce or eliminate Stress, Anxiety or Overwhelm.

It is a tool for Spiritual growth and development and the system has been seen to rapidly increase the vibrational level of conciousness of the individual as measured by Dr Hawkins scale in Power vs Force.

It offers very real support through any period that may be challenging mentally and emotionally such as Relationship or Career changes  and can provide freedom from ongoing Physical or Emotional pain, including allergies and digestive discomfort

The system which is based on kinesiology, craniosacreal and energy medicine techniques additionally uses proven emotional freedom and neurological support techniques. It is both incredibly effective in the results it can help you achieve but also very gentle and therefore suitable for both adults and children alike.

Based at the Treatment Rooms in the village of Knowle, Solihull and the BAC Centre in Moseley, Birmingham. Regular clinics are run from all locations and late and weekend appointments are available. Please contact Stella for further information.

About Stella

Stella is a fully qualified Pathway Balancing Kinesiology Practitioner (PBK).  PBK meets

the National Occupation Standards for Kinesiology (KNOS) and is accredited by the Institute for Complementary and National Medicine.

Stella has received the National ICNM student of the year award 2013 for practitioners qualifying in 2011/12.

Stella has a successful background at a senior level in both the professional and commercial sector and made the decision to make a career change after experiencing the benefits of kinesiology and deciding to train in the profession.  Having spent two years training in another form of kinesiology Stella changed direction and impressed by its unique and structured approach focused her efforts into the PBK system.

Stella’s confidence that this was the modality for her has been reinforced by the results now being achieved in her practice.




A chance meeting with this lovely lady is the luckiest thing to have happened to me in many many years! Following the final break up of a longstanding emotionally abusive relationship, I was in an extremely bad emotional state.

I didn’t know what kinesiology was, but I did know that I needed help out of this deep pit of turmoil and depression. I decided to give it a try and the result was amazing, I’m sure it would have taken years of therapy to reach the balanced, uplifted state I felt after my initial session with Stella. I now look forward to resolving other life issues with my kinesiologist!


I have now been 3 times and the results are simply amazing.

I initially went as I was feeling incredibly tired all the time and just seemed to catch every cold going around, as I am not one for taking tablets this seemed like an avenue worth investigating.

The first session revealed I was lacking certain vitamins, which I thought was possible as I had already been taking an all in one vitamin. It was the accuracy of what I needed that was astonishing.

After my first visit we started to get deeper into why I was so low both physically and emotionally, a lot of it was to do with both my parents deaths, they had been gone 5 years so I hadn’t linked the two together, however it turned out I hadn’t dealt with their deaths and had kept my feelings bottled for that amount of time. It was quite an emotional session but by the end I had acknowledged my feelings, dealt with them and moved forward. I cannot begin to describe how I felt when I walked out! It was as if my eyes were open and the weight had been lifted from my shoulders…I really did feel revitalised.

I can honestly say I have not felt ‘lost’ since.

I would recommend it to anyone of any age, my daughter of 7 has just had her first session to get rid of her hay fever.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. X


I don’t understand what Stella does but after nearly a year of pain and having tried physiotherapy, ice packs and pain killers I finally listened to my wife’s “suggestion” that I try a session with Stella. Best thing I could have done. Within Two days my pain had disappeared. Stella picked up on some nutritional issues that were linked to the pain and how I was feeling as well. I followed the dietary changes that Stella recommended. Two years on I still have full mobility, no pain and much more energy.

Still baffles me as to how kinesiology works, how my body can guide the practitioner. But it works!

Can’t thank you enough


Give yourself freedom to try out new things


I’ve been attending kinesiology sessions with Stella for a number of years. The sessions are used in different ways; to tackle real life issues and emotions, for balancing, general well-being and relaxation. I consider the sessions to be an integral part of my well-being and health regime. Stella adopts a relaxed approach with all her sessions which can be easily adapted to meet individual needs. Each session is informative and always relevant. Stella takes the time out to listen and works with me at my own pace, making each session a pleasant experience. Stella has an abundant depth of knowledge in the field of kinesiology and incorporates a wide range of resources and healing techniques.

Stella is an extremely gifted person and her accuracy in diagnosis/treatment is perfect. I’ve always walked away from my sessions pleasantly surprised with the accuracy and results. If you’re ‘open’ to receiving alternative methods of treatment and want real results, or if you require an ‘additional boost’ to traditional methods of treatment that you may already be receiving, I would highly recommend Stella. You won’t be disappointed.


I have been seeing Stella Brookes regularly for nearly a year and the difference I have felt since seeing her is immeasurable. Not only has each session made a valuable difference to my physical and emotional state, I so enjoy seeing Stella on a personal level. Her enthusiasm for kinesiology is totally infectious and her desire to get the absolute most from all our sessions is wonderful.

Nothing is too much for Stella, you feel totally safe and secure in her presence and I marvel at her knowledge.

How she does it, I have no idea but even if I don’t know what I need from each session I am absolutely certain that Stella will find out and make sure that when I leave I am in the best possible physical, emotional and spiritual state.

I have no hesitation to recommend Stella, which I have done on a number of occasions, with glowing reports back from very satisfied friends.


Hi Stella just a few lines to say what a marvelous job you have done in helping our grand daughter with her problems (anxiety & mood swings as she is a very fragile young girl ).

There is a noticeable calmness with her since her treatment began.

Thank you and regards


Kinesiology has changed my life. I began seeing Stella Brookes about 3 years ago and she has helped me in so many areas of my life. I had started a new job with lots more responsibility and have always suffered from a lack of confidence in myself and my abilities. The transformation was incredible. I became more organised and focused and my confidence grew.

She has recently started work on a problem that has haunted me for the last 20 years. I had a really bad eye twitch which I had sought medical help with about 10 years ago because my eye had become half closed and was continually jumping preventing me from focusing on anything. This meant that driving and working on computers was very difficult. The medical solution to the problem was botox as this paralyses the muscles and this certainly helped but only lasted a couple of months. Stella tried a Kinesiology reactivity technique with the muscles in my face. After only one session the eye was so improved that I actually felt normal for the first time in twenty years. I do still have the botox but after four months the eye is nowhere near as bad as it used to be and I am considering stopping the botox altogether. Thank you Stella. I am eternally grateful to you.


I began seeing Stella Brookes about 2 years ago as my daughter recommended her. I have always suffered with worry and anxiety about many things – mainly about health issues. I visit the doctors on many occasions but these visits have been greatly reduced since my kinesiology sessions. I have more faith in Stella than my doctors and always come away feeling healthier, happier and calmer. I don’t understand how it works – just that I would encourage everyone to try it.


Physical and Structural Health

This realm of health focuses on the physical energy level, the anatomy and physiology of the body. The areas of bones and joints, muscles, physical movement, body chemistry are checked and where necessary   the appropriate remedies or techniques for optimal health at the physical level of health are applied.

Nutritional and Biochemical Health

For our bodies to function at all there has to be an input of energy or fuel. This fuel has to be effectively processed inside the body and waste by products cleared away. The whole body is in constant motion, even when at rest. Free flowing peristaltic actions and digestive juices work on the food substances we provide for ourselves daily. Whilst clients may present with digestive disturbances such as stomach upsets, irritable bowel syndrome or food allergies the true picture is usually a more complex interaction between foods, the digestive organs and emotional or mental states. The areas of the digestive system, diet supplements, body biochemicals and food chemistry are checked and where necessary the appropriate remedies or techniques for optimal health at the nutritional and biochemical levels of health are discussed or applied.

Mental and Emotional Health

Thoughts and emotions are inextricably linked to the physical and nutritional aspects of health. The function of the nervous system creates states of contraction and tension, or expansion and relaxation as our feelings and thoughts are processed. Imbalances in this realm may be experienced as stress, overwhelm, insomnia, worry, anxiety or ridged beliefs to name but a few.  The areas of mental energy, emotional energy and the subtle energies of the system are checked and where necessary   the appropriate remedies or techniques for optimal health at the mental and emotional level of health are applied.

Electromagnetic and Environmental Health

The environment around the client is also checked, from the therapy room, their home, place of work or study and so on.  Some of this energy is scientifically measurable and its relevance to health is gaining greater acceptance in the medical health models.  In addition to the environmental implications to the health of the client the electrical body energies, acupuncture energies and other subtle energies such as chakras and the aura are checked and where necessary   the appropriate remedies or techniques for optimal health at the mental and emotional level of health are applie

Soul Kinesiology

The four realms of health previously listed: Physical and Structural, Nutritional and Biochemical, Mental and Emotional, Electromagnetic and Environmental are all explored as part of a Soul kinesiology session. The Soul Kinesiology sessions are longer and move deeper into the issues that in addition to causing you physical and emotional symptoms may be stopping your full Soul potential from fully manifesting.  In addition to any physical or emotional symptoms people very often feel  lost, are looking for life purpose, lack direction, feel  they should be doing something else or are frustrated with themselves because of lack of progress.  The symptoms of unmanifested potential at the level of soul energy are endless and unique to every individual but you will just know that deep in your core something isn’t right.

Stella is only one of four people currently qualified as a PBK Soul Journey Practitioner. The system developed by Corrina Kennedy, head of PBK over nearly twenty years of holistic and complementary practice is structured and whilst spiritual sincerely respects your belief system whatever it may be.